Certified Translation and Interpreting Services

The Translation Department

Translations aren’t just about words. When you render a document with text, images, graphics into another language, you also need an expert in layout and design. CVT Americas offers these services to ensure your translated documents and materials look and read like they were initially made in the target language.

For each project we assign translators that:

  • Are certified by ATA (American Translators Association)

  • Are native speakers of the target language

  • Have extensive experience in translation of the project’s subject matter (banks, airline companies, contracts, certificates).

  • Can provide their qualifications upon request.

We also offer proofreading and editing  services for your existing translations.  All translation services are of high accuracy and can be turned around quickly, in as little as 24 hours!

How does it work?

  1. You send us a copy of the document to be translated via email including the target language.

  2. We conduct a free evaluation, including the cost and estimated turnaround time.

  3. You approve the quote and provide payment.

Interpreting Services

On site consecutive interpreting (The interpreter waits for the speakers to finish their sentences to translate and communicate to the listener(s) the content of the speech.

Simultaneous interpreting.

In both cases CVT Americas needs a full description of the assignment (date, location, hour and length of time).

We can provide the interpreting equipment (headphone and microphones or booths).

We are working with full capacity and ready to serve YOU!



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