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Welcome to CVT Americas

Learning is easier than ever with CVT Americas. Users can customize the learning process based on their own needs and level of expertise.
Our goal is to make it simple and convenient for users to acquire new skills, wherever they are.
In a fast-paced world that is constantly changing, it is time for you to take learning into your own hands.
We have been preparing private and corporate clients around the world.
We invite you to explore our website to find all the services we offer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed the highest expectations of our clients, enabling them to achieve their goals by providing effective solutions at an affordable cost.

About us

CVT Americas offers the latest in proven and convenient language instruction methods. You will learn what you most need to learn anytime, anywhere with continuous feedback.

Through our Consulting Customized Programs (CCP) you will quickly become familiar with your new language as you continue to learn at your office, home, via Skype or Hangouts on your computer or smart phone.

CVT Americas offers companies language training for their executives and employees alike, with training customized for the an individual's business roles.

Choose from courses or seminars in any target language.  Classes are offered geared toward sales staff, operators, receptionists, secretaries, executives, managers, directors and more.

CVT Americas prepares your executives for their next pitch, conference abroad or international network.  They'll be prepared to communicate with their colleagues, prospects or clients with the utmost confidence.

With a focus on people, we are pleased to offer you additional resources to members of your staff or even family.


We offering tutoring at all levels, with instructors from top universities.

Programs  are specifically developed to help students get results, regardless of age or education.  IT specialists are also available.

We customize your experience to help you accomplish your goals. It's that simple, call us now!


Our Method

We offer a novel and most effective conversational style of language consulting.

Our proven method instills in our students the ability to communicate effectively in the target language. You will be guided to think in the target language in order to refrain from translating in your native language. (This methodology is conducive to actively practicing English by building condifence in your speaking and reading skills).   

After the placement evaluation the Director will recommend the package of lessons, in accordance with the assigned instructor and after the initial meeting, will recommend the book(s) needed by the student to achieve the desired results.

Go at your own pace

CVT Americas presents a new smart solution mixing flexibility and opportunity.
Your classes are private (one-on-one) and we adapt to your needs, so you make your own schedule: our teaching hours are from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM (even on weekends or Holidays) 
Concerning opportunity, even if you are working outside the city, you can opt to put your classes on hold if necessary. There is ample flexibility to take classes via Skype, Hangouts or smart phone (no interruption in your program).

Our Promise

Improve performance.
Do you realize how many opportunities you may have lost in your lifetime simply because you only speak one language?

Do you remember the last time you were unable to clearly express yourself while on a business or leisure trip with your family? 

So frustrating, right?

Today you really need to be ready for new challenges, and acquiring one or more languages will make it easier to be a winner. 

With these goals in mind you are the one for us, and we will give you all the necessary resources to help you succeed.

Take advantage of our top qualified instructors and our affordable prices now.

Forget about the old regular language courses starting with “nice to meet you” and taking excessive hours to learn things that will not produce the results you need.

Come aboard now! A new world of opportunities is waiting for you.

How can you achieve your personal goals?

 Everyone needs inspiration! Notice how many celebrities have found direction to make their goals happen.

Oprah says that Martha Beck is her life coach on achieving her goals.  George Martin was referred to as the Fifth Beatle.

With our innovative method, as well as our experience and heartfelt commitment, we are here to help you succeed in your career and life!

Rely in our integrity, ability and effectiveness to instruct you in your chosen language or languages.

You can trust and count on us!


           CVT Americas Classes in any Language               and much more

Why CVT Americas

Check some of our exclusive services tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Initial meeting to understand your personal needs or Corporate demand,

  • CVT Americas internal meeting to prepare a specific proposal for you or your Company,

  • Language consulting via Skype, Hangouts, conference call or smart phone at no additional cost,

  • Language consulting on site (home, office) at no additional cost from 7 AM to 9 PM,

  • Group or Private training available on Saturdays and Sundays,

  • Language training to all ages,

  • Double classes on site (A teacher for you/spouse, husband) and another teacher for your kids at the same day and hour or following your customized schedule,

  • Monitored classes (watch from your office via teacher’s camera your kids participation in the class),

  • Assistance with editing e-mails, Letters, Messages, SMS,

  • Evaluation test after each unit with Certificate issued by CVT (You can follow your employee(s)' progress by receiving a copy of the Progress or Achievement Certificate,

  • Student of the Month with prizes for the best student (restaurants discounts, shows discounts, bars, books), Certificate Honor to Merit,

  • Presentations in the subject language,

  • Conversation Club,

  • CVT Americas Global Community contact new colleagues around the world through CVT Americas and establish valuable partnerships. Be connected and share your professional experience in your native language or language of study,

  • Book Club,

  • Networking Luncheons,

  • Field trips (Cultural activities),

  • Translations* for individuals and companies, banks, service companies, by Certified Translators with notarized Affidavit by CVT Americas,

  • Help desk for students interested in obtaining the International Student Visa,

  • Student Registration Help (in case you have difficulty understanding all or the forms and requirements for filling out your visa or University academic application,

  • Specific needs like Soccer Training in Miami or Orlando at awarded European and South America teams training camps,

  • F1 Visa Consulting. We are able to help you in the process of obtaining your International Student Visa (F1) to study English in the US.

  • We are associated with the best International Schools in the US.

CVT Americas offers a well trained team of experts with the best technologies to build your dream. 


Get Started Learning a New Language

  1. Register on line

  2. Print and complete the Application/Terms & Conditions

  3. Scan the completed documents and  email them to

One of our specialists will call to discuss your language learning program and schedule.  You'll then receive and email confirmation with your class information.


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